Do Quartz Countertops Look Better than Soapstone?


Whether quartz countertops look better than soapstone is mostly a matter of taste, so, if you want help in deciding, you may want to consider other characteristics too. Quartz is stronger and more durable than soapstone. It does not damage easily and it is more resistant to scratches. However, it is also more difficult to repair once damaged. On the other hand, soapstone is easier to fix. It can be oiled or sanded if scratched.

Both quartz and soapstone require very low up-keep, but soapstone has to also be oiled consistently in order to avoid wear and tear or damage to the surface. Nevertheless, soapstone is naturally non-porous and it cannot be stained or discolored.

Quartz is cheaper than soapstone which is more expensive than marble and granite but cheaper than gemstones and onyx. Nevertheless, engineered quartz is not as brittle as natural stones. It is almost indestructible. Plus, there is no darkening progression unlike the surface of soapstone. Quartz also does not absorb liquids.

A third option would be soapstone quartz which is a composition made of raw materials and quartz. It is essentially quartz, but it looks like soapstone.  Moreover, it is cheaper than soapstone, but holds the same appearance.

Great designers can work with fabricators to produce amazing results using either quartz or soapstone. They can achieve ambitious stone projects and execute breathtaking visions as well as smooth installations. Both quartz and soapstone can be used in the bathroom, on the wall or sink and around the bath tub without any risk of cracking or breaking. They can also be used for kitchen countertops and stone cabinetry and they both look amazing.  Granite Source has some of the best in quartz products and kitchen cabinets Denver CO has available.