How Dekton Counters Are Superior

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If you want to buy new countertops, it’s worth doing some research on the granite stores Denver options that are available on the market today. Compared to older counter designs, new counters and countertops are typically more resilient and versatile, and they won’t have to be replaced too often.


What you have to focus on is the fact that the brand and material will make a great deal of difference when it comes to buying countertops that are truly durable. Dekton products are known as some of the most efficient in the trade, with most reports from experts claiming that they can resist staining, abrasion, heat and cuts to a greater extent than even some of the best granite countertops. Moreover. Dekton counters are known to resist staining better than granite, and it also doesn’t require sealing, while granite countertops do.


The benefits of Dekton counters don’t stop there. The slabs are extremely compact, especially compare to quartz products which are less versatile in that sense. Of course, Dekton’s internal “stress” affects the way the material has to be cut, handled and installed. However, it also increases its durability, making it at least a slightly superior solution to even some of the most durable quartz countertops and other types of materials currently available on the market.