Why Dekton Counters Are the Best on the Market

Best Choice Quartz Counters Fabricators Denver Area

The choice of a countertop is important for the convenience of using a kitchen or a bathroom, as well as for the interior design. The decision is significant in terms of costs and the aesthetic and functional value that this element brings.

At the moment, Dekton counters are the best on the market, being made from a proprietary blend of natural quartz, glass and porcelain, that ensures particular proprieties and provides a 25-year warranty.

Kitchen countertops must be durable, easy to clean and maintain, but also aesthetically pleasing. While other materials meet some of the essential criteria, Dekton composite quartz meets them all!

If a regular quartz countertop is stain-resistant, a Dekton countertop is stainproof. Maintaining the natural aspect and elegance of a Dekton countertop is very easy, as it naturally retains its shine for a long time through simple maintenance and routine cleaning, using a cloth with liquid detergent or soap and water. Dekton composite quartz does not need additional polishing, varnishing or periodic waterproofing.

A regular quartz countertop is vulnerable to heat; a Dekton product is not. Additionally, it is UV-proof.

Besides being used for the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom countertops, Dekton composite quartz is also suitable for many other applications, such as claddings, sinks, washbasins, shower trays, floor coverings, architectural solutions and even facades.  To understand it fully talk with the quartz fabricators Denver area has to offer.